We promise everything will happen at pace in our Sort hubs. Like parcel sorting, vehicle despatch, engineering response – and the development of your career.


Sort Opportunities

We don’t do small scale here at our Sort hubs. Whether you join us in a management position, a Sorting and Loading role, as an Engineer or on any other career path, you’ll focus on making a big difference to the way we deliver promises.

Just like the rest of our business, our hubs are hives of activity where the pace is fast, the ambitions are big and the people are warmer than ever. You’ll be making a big difference and an impact that’ll be valued right across our depot.

Operations Manager

This high profile Manager delivers support across the depot, advising on operations, budgets and, of course, our people.

Shift Manager

Leading and inspiring a team in one of our depots, you’ll help keep everyone focused on delivering promises, from Sort teams to third party suppliers.

Team Manager

This is the next step up our management ladder from Team Leader. It promises a chance to make an impact across a Sort hub through great leadership.

Team Leader

Your first step into a management career promises to be a rewarding one, as you supervise a close-knit team at the heart of one of our bustling Sort depots.

Control Flow Room

This is an exciting opportunity for an admin professional to extend their skill set, take our promises to heart, and rise to the new challenge of keeping every parcel flowing through our depot.


Our Engineers make sure ours is a well-oiled machine that’s equipped to deliver the millions of parcels we handle a year. It’s an exciting, rewarded role with real value.

General Manager

Spearheading an entire Sort and Transport hub, our General Managers are natural leaders who inspire teams to achieve high standards, deliver promises – and realise their potential.